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A curated list of the latest tech analysis by startup investors and operators. 

Frequency: Daily & Weekly editions

Category: Startups & Technology

Tags: Analysis, Best-Practices

Trailer Room

A collection of delightful movie trailers from the past and present. 

Frequency: Weekly

Category: Media & Cultue

Tags: Movie Trailers

Submitted by: Pedro Pinton (Trailer Room's Creator)

Product Hunt

A daily listing of interesting tech products to satisfy your inner early-adopter.

Frequency: Daily

Category: Startups & Technology

Tags: Products

Submitted by: Ryan Hoover (Co-Founder of Product Hunt)


Brain Pickings

An unmissable collection of articles across art, science, design, history and more.

Frequency: Daily

Category: General Interest, Culture & Media

Tags: Culture, Art, Science, History


A daily mix of articles and videos covering tech, media and pop.

Frequency: Daily

Category: Culture & Media, Startups & Technology

Tags: Technology, Pop

Benedict Evans

A tech and mobile-focused newsletter by thought leader Benedict Evans.  

Subscribers: 9,500+

Frequency: Weekly

Category: Startups & Technology

Tags: Mobile, News, Analysis


The Skimm

A fresh, simple approach to today's news for the busy woman professional.

Frequency: Daily

Category: Female-Focused, General Interest, News

Tags: News, Editorial


A daily set of fitness, health and happiness tips.

Subscribers: 100,000+

Frequency: Daily

Category: Heath & Fitness

Tags: Tips

Next Draft

A top 10 list of newsworthy interestingness delivered with a witty editorial spin. 

Frequency: Daily

Category: General Interest

Tags: News, Technology


Noon Pacific

A playlist of the past-day's best new music hand-picked from top music blogs. 

Subscribers: 14,000+

Frequency: Daily

Category: Media & Cultue

Tags: Music

Submitted by: Clark Dinnison (Noon Pacific's Creator)


A curated selection of 5 awesome design links. Can include articles, tools, examples and more. 

Frequency: Daily, Twice Weekly & Weekly Editions

Category: Design

Tags: Articles, Tools, Examples

Submitted by: Murat Mutlu (Co-Founder, MarvelApp)

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Death to the Stock Photo

Beautiful photos sent to you monthly for your use in mockups, presentations, blog posts and more. Best of all, they're free!

Frequency: Monthly

Category: Design

Tags: Stock Photography

Submitted by: David Sherry (DttSP's Co-Creator)


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