General Interest


The Daily Water Cooler

A daily brief covering the top news across business, politics, culture and sports. Always includes the latest internet memes and gifs.

Frequency: Daily

Category: General Interest

Tags: News, Sports, Business, Memes

Submitted by: Phil Nguyen (Creator of The Daily Water Cooler)

 Brain Pickings

An unmissable collection of articles across art, science, design, history and more.

Frequency: Daily

Category: General Interest, Culture & Media

Tags: Culture

Next Draft

A top 10 list of newsworthy interestingness delivered with a witty editorial spin. 

Frequency: Daily

Category: General Interest

Tags: News, Technology


Farnam Street

A thoughtful collection of tips on how to improve yourself as inspired by history, science, literature and more. 

Subscribers: 33,000+

Frequency: Weekly

Category: General Interest

Tags: Self-Improvement 

Submitted by: Gabriel Marcial


Sloane Davidson's Weekly Digest

Social good guru Sloane Davidson shares a weekly tidbit on the importance of giving back. Social good-related events, articles, and book recommendations are provided to boot. 

Subscribers: 1,000+

Frequency: Weekly

Category: General Interest

Tags: Social Good, Philanthropy, Volunteering



Fun and customizable weather and transit information to get you started on your day. Plus, emoji in their subject lines... how do they do it?!
Available in select cities.

Frequency: Daily

Category: General Interest

Tags: Weather, Transit