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Hack Design

An incredible 50 step design course. Receive a new class weekly with curated tips and articles on everything from typography to A/B testing.

Frequency: Weekly

Category: Design

Tags: Tips, Articles, Course

Hubble Stars

A mid-day review of the most interesting and talked about happenings in the tech space. Analysis provided by the team over at Disruption Corporation.

Frequency: Daily

Category: Startups & Technology

Tags: News, Analysis


Venture Capitalist Taylor Davidson shares how to build financial models in this 5 lesson newsletter course. Learn why they're important, how to create them, and how to use them.  

Frequency: On-Demand

Category: Startups & Technology, Business

Tags: Financial Models


The UX Newsletter

A beautiful collection of UX tips and recommended reading from MailChimp's UX team.

Frequency: Twice a month

Category: Design

Tags: UX

Term Sheet

A thorough listing of noteworthy VC deals, private equity deals, IPOs, exits and career changes, along with insightful analysis by Fortune's Dan Primack.

Frequency: Daily

Category: Startups & Technology

Tags: VC Deals, PE Deals, IPOs, Exits, Analysis

Submitted by: Taylor Davidson (VC at kps+ Ventures)

Another Fucking Newsletter

Fortune's Erin Griffith offers the past week's finest in tech news and culture. GIFs and wit abound.

Frequency: Weekly

Category: Startups & Technology

Tags: News, Culture



A curated list of the latest tech analysis by startup investors and operators. 

Frequency: Daily & Weekly editions

Category: Startups & Technology

Tags: Analysis, Best-Practices

Farnam Street

A thoughtful collection of tips on how to improve yourself as inspired by history, science, literature and more. 

Subscribers: 33,000+

Frequency: Weekly

Category: General Interest

Tags: Self-Improvement 

Submitted by: Gabriel Marcial

Product Hunt

A daily listing of interesting tech products to satisfy your inner early-adopter.

Frequency: Daily

Category: Startups & Technology

Tags: Products

Submitted by: Ryan Hoover (Co-Founder of Product Hunt)


Paper Leaf

A selection of five design finds from the past week with an explanation of why they're important.

Frequency: Weekly

Category: Design

Tags: Articles, Tools, Examples

Submitted by: Ashley Jacobsen

CrunchBase Daily

A straight-forward listing of the past day's startup funding and acquisition announcements. 

Frequency: Daily

Category: Startups & Technology

Tags: Funding, M&A

Web Design Weekly

A proudly spam-free collection of the latest articles, tools, jobs and inspiration for the web designers out there.

Subscribers: 16,000+

Frequency: Weekly

Category: Design

Tags: Articles, Tools, Jobs

Submitted by: Jake Bresnehan (Creator of Web Design Weekly)



Fun and customizable weather and transit information to get you started on your day. Plus, emoji in their subject lines... how do they do it?!
Available in select cities.

Frequency: Daily

Category: General Interest

Tags: Weather, Transit

Growth Hackers

Top posts from the Growth Hackers content community, including useful articles and tips for growing your startup.

Frequency: Weekly

Category: Startups & Technology

Tags: Growth Hacking, Articles, Tips

Startup Edition

Each week, a small group of startup founders and operators answer one question related to building a startup. The answers are always insightful and inspiring.

Frequency: Weekly

Category: Startups & Technology

Tags: Best-Practices

Submitted by: Ellen Chisa (Product Manager, Kickstarter)



Top posts from the content community (a SEOMoz & Hubspot project), including useful articles and marketing tips for growing your startup. 

Frequency: Weekly

Category: Startups & Technology

Tags: Marketing, Articles, Tips

Sloane Davidson's Weekly Digest

Social good guru Sloane Davidson shares a weekly tidbit on the importance of giving back. Social good-related events, articles, and book recommendations are provided to boot. 

Subscribers: 1,000+

Frequency: Weekly

Category: General Interest

Tags: Social Good, Philanthropy, Volunteering

Death to the Stock Photo

Beautiful photos sent to you monthly for your use in mockups, presentations, blog posts and more. Best of all, they're free!

Frequency: Monthly

Category: Design

Tags: Stock Photography

Submitted by: David Sherry (DttSP's Co-Creator)


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